Infosec Communities You Should Join

April 6, 2020

One of the things I love the most of the infosec field is the communities. The communities were the ones that helped me get where I am today. One learns so much by interacting with different types of people and their different backgrounds. You can interact with people in many ways. Not always one has the resources to travel to a conference or attend a meetup. In that case, the best way to interact with the community is online. There are a lot of different types of communities online.

The first place I started interacting with people in the infosec field was on Twitter. I created an account and just started following people I found interesting or had the same interests as me. As time passed, I started asking people about the field and interacting with them. As of now, I have friends all over the world and have made some good connections.

Besides Twitter, there are other platforms such as Slack, Discord, Forums and even Reddit. Here I wanted to list all the communities I have been a part of and some others that people have shared with me. The reason I want to do this is so people who are new and would like to be part of a community or get to know the different types of communities, find one that is right for them.

I will be listing them by categories. Slack Channels, Discord Servers, Subreddits and Forums

As I keep learning of more or get recommended more, I will be adding them to the list.

Slack Channels

There are different types of Slack channels. Some are more general, and others are more focused on a certain topic. There are also ones who are focused on certain type of people for example there are Slacks that are focused on women, veterans, etc.

I was doing some research online and found this website which listed some of the top infosec Slacks at the moment which are the following:

While I haven’t been part of those Slack communities (only the OWASP one). They seem to be the ones with the most users of all the Slack infosec channels on that website, there is also a small description of what is each community, the highlights and the link to join them.

I also wanted to share my favorite Slacks and those that I have been a part of for a long time.


WomenHackerz is such a nice Slack because it’s not only about hacking. They have channels for lots of stuff like career advice, study groups, conferences, CTFs, food and even their own Book Club which is awesome in my opinion (since I am a bookaholic). This slack was created by @ChloeMessdaghi and if you would like an invitation to the server feel free to send a DM to the @WomenHackerz twitter account.

CTF Circle

CTF Circle is a distributed CTF team for non-binary folks and women of all skill levels to pwn and learn together but also has channels for different type of stuff besides CTFs. This Slack is awesome for finding people willing to participate in CTFs with you. CTF Circle was the first Slack I ever joined. I learned so much and the people there are such a delight. This Slack was created by @IanColdwater and @TinkerFairy. If you would like to join that Slack be sure to check out their twitter page @CTF_Circle and send them a message for an invitation.

Discord Servers

So, of all the platforms I use to be part of communities, I would say Discord is my favorite one. I like Discord because of the way the servers can be organized, the custom emojis one can use and it has a lot of cool features. There are so many Discord servers and I will list some of my favorite ones here. As time passes if there are any new ones I find, I will add them as well.

The Cyber Mentor Server

I am going to start with my favorite one which is The Cyber Mentor discord server. The Cyber Mentor server is well organized and has channels for pretty much almost every infosec subject. Besides that, there are channels related to the tutorials he gives on his YouTube channel, sometimes Twitch streams. When I first started getting into infosec and searched for a YouTube channel related to that stuff, the first channel I found was thecybermentor and ever since then he has been one of my favorite infosec youtubers. He is such a great teacher and offers a variety of tutorials on his YouTube channel. Besides the channels related to the courses he offers and the infosec channels there are channels for socializing such as a meme channel, gaming channel and even a pet picture channel which is cute. There is also a section which is for resources such as career advice, resume advice, job postings and several other stuff which are super helpful. Make sure to follow @thecybermentor on Twitter so you can see every update related to his YouTube channel or his Twitch streams.

The link to join that discord server is the following


The other discord server I want to highlight is the DeadPixelSec server. On their website, the whoweare section states that the community was developed around the server The Blind Hacker had and they created what is now DeadPixelSec. It began as a CTF team on discord that has grown into a full collaborative community good for sharing experiences, knowledge, and resources to help everyone learn and be the best they can be. This discord recently just started growing and it has such a nice community. The people there from the experience I’ve had are nice and helpful. This server is not only good to start getting to know the community more but also is nice for those who are starting and need help or want advice. They have a nice section called “Growth” in which they have channels for questions related to certain topics like certifications, jobs, red teaming and blue teaming. Besides those areas, there are a lot of voice channels in which you can socialize and talk to other people. There is also the general chat which is a little bit of everything. Also be sure to stop by the #DianaIniciative channel and check out the streams they are doing and the fundraisers. It’s a nice way to support them and the amazing things they are doing. The twitter account for that community is @deadpixelsec on Twitter

The link to join the server is the following


Gatebreachers is a non-profit organization focused on placing qualified women and underrepresented genders into cybersecurity roles. They foster gender diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cybersecurity industry through networking, mentoring, professional development, and community outreach. A discord was made for that organization to form a community. The server contains a career guidance channel that is used for people that are looking for career guidance, resources that include books, videos, or websites for people studying or learning more info about a subject, the also have the resume advice channel which is for people looking to update their resumes, the mentors channel is for people looking for mentors and the jobs channel is a feed with job openings. It’s still a small and new server but it has nice channels that you can take advantage of. GateBreachers was created by @akolsuoicauqo. They also have a twitter account @gatebreachers and a nice website(https://gatebreachers.org/) if you want to learn more about the org.

The link to join the server is the following


Another discord server I was recommended when I asked people for their favorite infosec servers, was the InfosecPrep server. This server is nice because it was made with the purpose of people getting together to study for certain stuff like OSW, OSWE and some general infosec subjects. There are separate channels various topics — like general updates, bug bounty, capture the flag, hardware hacking, reverse engineering, social engineering and job opportunities. For example: There is an OSWP course section and that section contains channels like a general chat, practice exercise channel, etc. I haven’t been active there or been on it, but it seems to have a nice format.

The link to join the server is the following


HackerSploit is a website and YouTube channel that its goal is to educate anyone interested in Linux and Ethical Hacking. At first, I didn’t know about this website or YouTube channel, but someone recommended it to me and later I found out they had a discord server. This discord server is also like others mentioned here. It contains several sections like Penetration Testing, Programming and Resources. Besides those sections there is the general channel and other channels related to different the topics like Linux, networking, and an off-topic channel which you can talk about pretty much anything. What I really liked about this server is that it also has a radio channel and I always love those. Sometimes just being on that channel listening to music with someone can be calming or even talk and listen to music at the same time is nice.

The link to join the server is the following


The InfosecJobs server was created to help people connect to their next job opportunity. This server is great if you are looking for jobs, need help for your next interview or tips for creating a nice resume. Besides that, there is the chat channel which is a general talk to about anything and there is also a music channel which is nice. This server is managed by: @find_evil and @0xbanana. They also have a twitter page that you can follow if you’d like @hackingjobs.

The link to join this server is the following

The Many Hats Club

The Many Hats Club is an information security focused group of individuals from all walks of life. They created a discord serve that has been available for some time and it’s the favorite infosec discord server of a lot of people inside the industry. The best thing about this discord server is that it has so many channels. It has channels for pretty much everything. Channels for every infosec subject you can imagine, it has some social channels in which you can talk to others there about different subjects, voice channels if you want to talk to people by voice. They are also doing some streams that you can check out. That community is also well known to be one of the best in CTF competitions so if you want to be around people that know a lot and can help you enforce your skills that is the perfect server for you to join. Their twitter account is @TheManyHatsClub

The link to join this server is the following


HackerOne is a bug bounty platform that connects businesses with penetration testers and cybersecurity researchers. They also have on their website a collection of videos, resources, and hands-on activities that will teach you everything you need to operate as a bug bounty hunter. They have a discord which has a nice community and the mods there are cool people as well. The server contains channels for the CTF exercises they have on their website and each level. That is useful because as you do the practice CTF exercises you can go there and discuss them with other people. Besides those channels, they have general channels, one for hackthebox, a music channel and channels related to bug bounty stuff. If you want to join a bug bounty community or would like to know more about that side of infosec this server is the perfect one for that.

The link to join this server is the following

I know there are a lot more discord servers but those are the ones I know the most of. I am open to suggestions of servers I don’t know of and have a nice community so I can add them to this blog post.

One important thing I want to say is that if you decided to join any of those discord servers please read the rules and follow them.


Reddit is a network of communities (which are called subreddits) based on people's interests. When it comes to subreddits there are a few infosec subreddits that people have recommended me, so I wanted to list them here.




There are also some subreddits for the security certifications

r/CompTIA (for Security+)

r/CEH (for CEH)

r/oscp (Offensive Security Certified Professional)

r/cissp (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)

While I was doing my research, I also found a post about the best subreddits for cybersecurity and hacking and it contains even more subreddits that I didn’t know existed.









Those are the subreddits that I have found for now, if there is any subreddit that I missed and you consider it to be a good one you can also recommend it to me so I can add it to this list


When it comes to forums, I don’t know much forums about infosec. I know there are a lot out there, but I will only recommend those that I have been a part of and are good in my opinion.

NetSec Focus

Like it says in the webpage, the Net Sec Focus community was created for Cybersecurity / IT professionals to share knowledge and experiences. I like this forum a lot because it has so many cool channels. They have channels for infosec stuff like Red Teaming, RE & Exploit Dev, HTB and some others. Besides having those channels which are focused on those topics they have channels for events, one for jobs, education and programming. I feel like this forum has almost everything you would like in an infosec server. Like always remember to follow the rules stated before you enter the forum.

The website is the following


This forum I would say is almost the same as the last one I mentioned when it comes to the content and is one of my favorites too. The difference of this forum is that this forum is by posts people make or the people who manage the website make too. There are different types of posts, but they are marked with a color which specifies what category the post belongs to. Some of the categories on that forum are Linux, CTF, Malware, Bug Bounty, Web Hacking and much more. The posts on this forum are sometimes questions people ask, announcements or someone making a guide on something for others to learn. The people who manage this forum are also cool so if you want to engage in a community with that format check out 0x00sec.

The website is the **following

For now, that concludes my list of some nice online communities you can join. Of course, there are more out there but these are the ones that I have used the most and was recommended. I am open to suggestions and will be updating this blog post with the new online communities I find. As always, thank you for checking out the blog post and reading it (even if you read half of it)

I hope you enjoyed my post and if you have any suggestions on what I should write next feel free to let me know on my Twitter ^.^

Ashley Ruiz

Computer Engineering student in InfoSec with an interest in Offensive Security


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